Michelle Baden

Michelle BadenMichelle Baden
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Barmera

Michelle is a Youth Development Officer for the Berri Barmera Council in regional South Australia. Her role consists of supporting and empowering young people aged 12-25 to engage meaningfully with their community.

The majority of her time is spent co-coordinating projects and events and mentoring young people through the Youth Advisory Committee. Her projects often identify and address socially crippling issues such as drugs and alcohol, unemployment and disengagement from educational facilities and community.

Another component of her role is to communicate with the business, social and community sectors to improve and strengthen youth involvement in the community.

Raised in the small country town Moorook on the riverbanks of the Murray River, Michelle grew up exploring new and creative ways to entertain herself.

Outside of work Michelle enjoys spending time with her fiance Ken and activities including motor bike riding, exploring, photography and reading.

Animals are also a passion. Michelle has grown up with many pets, which also are considered part of the family. Currently Michelle has two dogs, Jasmine and Mustang; one goat, Billie; a kitten, Diesel and a North Western Carpet Python called Axle.

Michelle and Ken plan to marry in July of this year.


6 Responses to Michelle Baden

  1. EDDY VAN says:

    Hope you had great flight to AMSTERDAM keep looking for updates must be to busy
    enjoy regards Eddy @ Ria

    • Michelle Baden says:

      Sooooooooooo Busy! but having a ball : ) We are taking it in turns to blog, i just done mine tonight so have a read and update the club! And i promise i have many more photos to share when i’m back in the land of Oz ; )

      • Paul Ivanovic says:

        Great to hear you are having a ball and that you are being kept so busy. Thank you for telling us of the wonderful foods you are enjoying, especially the deserts, hope you are getting some recipies. Looking forward to hearing more.
        Cheers Paul and Jan.

      • Michelle Baden says:

        Thank you Paul! you will be pleased to know that i have the recipe for the World famous Swedish Kannelbullar : ) therefore i will be able to cater the “Picture Night” you and Jan will be hosting upon my return!!

  2. Thanks for a Great and Interesting presentation at Rotary Järfälla today.

    • Michelle Baden says:

      You are more than welcome Christer! We are glad you enjoyed it & thank you for taking the time to be such a fantastic audience!!

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