Maxine Lee-Morath

Maxine Lee-MorathTeam Member
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Waikerie

Maxine is a High School Music Teacher who is passionate about Music Education and advocacy. As well as classroom teaching, she runs school and community choirs and bands, teaches individual piano lessons and is Musical Director for the school’s annual musical production.

Maxine is involved in a large scale Music Festival, and has conducted and performed in front of large audiences. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing the piano, guitar and ukulele.

As well as music, Maxine teaches Health and Physical Education and has a keen interest in sport and fitness. She keeps fit by playing Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Touch Football, and running with her dog Zsa Zsa each morning.

Community Studies is her third teaching area, and Maxine is passionate about being involved in, and getting students involved in the local community, through volunteering, coaching and other activities.

Raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Maxine completed a Bachelor of Music Education in 2007. She now lives and works in Waikerie, a small town located on the banks of the Murray River. Popular pastimes over the hot summers in Waikerie include water skiing and wakeboarding, fishing, swimming and boating.

Maxine’s Mum, Dad and younger brother all live in Adelaide, a two and a half hour drive from Waikerie. She often makes the commute to town to visit family and friends. She loves good food, good wine and good company!


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