Rentals & Post Production – Kirsty’s Vocational Day 26/5/11

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My Stockholm vocational day was a lot of fun, and consisted of two separate visits, with a Rotary meeting in between.

Ljud & Bildmedia

My first visit was at Ljud & Bildmedia, one of Stockholm’s biggest film equipment rental companies, where I met with Kalle Svensson from the video department and went on a tour of the premises. 

Ljud & Bildmedia is huge!  With 23 full-time staff plus several casuals, it’s definitely the biggest rental place I’ve ever been in.  They have a huge range of camera and lighting gear, as well as grip and sound equipment.  This is somewhat different to Australia, where most rental companies tend to have cameras and basic lighting packages, whereas sound recordists would have their own kits and bigger lighting packages, dollies and cranes are owned by the gaffers and grips who use them.

Ljud & Bildmedia have shelves full of cameras ranging from HDV and DSLRs right up to their eight Alexas and eight RED Ones, as well as several professional dollies and cranes.  It was amazing to see all of the gear, but as they cater for 200 jobs a week, it’s easy to see why they have so much of it.

They also had a RED Epic that had arrived the day before, and Kalle showed me through the menu system on both the Epic and an Alexa.  The Alexa especially is a really nice camera and I’d love to get my hands on one to do some shooting back home.

Thanks to Kalle for a great morning!  Check out the Ljud & Bildmedia website here:

DSLR shooters may also be interested in the Swedish Chameleon rig I saw, which was, as the name suggests, invented in Sweden:  I only had about 2 minutes to look at it, but at first glance, it’s great.  It balances your camera so you can leave it resting on the rig when you need to take both hands away, and includes a remote record button on the handle and a follow-focus position perfect for quick adjustments on the go.


After a quick visit to my host mother’s Rotary Club to eat lunch and introduce myself to the members, I visited Stopp, a creative hub that offers everything from CGI through to website design.  Primarily a film and television post production facility, Stopp also has a processing lab (yes, real film!) and facilities for telecine, digital intermediates and colour grading.

I met with Nanna Dalunde, a colourist, and sat in on a grading session she had with two students from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.  They were grading a commercial for a newspaper called Situation Stockholm, which they had made as part of their course.  This session was graded with a program called Da Vinci Resolve, and Stopp also has other suites with Smoke and Flame.

After the grading session, Nanna took me on a tour of the facilities.  It was especially interesting to see the film processing lab, as we have to send all our exposed stock interstate from Adelaide, so I’ve never had the opportunity to visit one before.

Nanna also recently returned from Arizona, where she has been working on a documentary, so I was able to view some of her footage and watch an initial cut.  It looks like a fantastic project with really strong characters, and I can’t wait to see the final film.

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