David’s Vocational visit Wednesday 20th May

Thanks Bengt for arranging with Posten to have me visit. It was quite an effort.  We had 1 hour’s notice to find our way to the International Division of Posten located in their quite unique and spectacular 2004 building that looks more like a cruise liner than a building.

We were met by Martin Bjurefores who is responsible for International logistics (buying space on planes etc) to transport international mail around the world. Per Jonnson also joined us whose responsible for International customer solutions. By that I mean determining special international rates and solutions for large volume customers. Direct Entry into other countries is one of these solutions which means  instead of the customer being charged a Swedish International rate, mail is shipped to the country of delivery and lodged at that country’s cheaper local mail rate. This also happens to some degree with customers in Australia particularly when they post large volumes to New Zealand.

 Sweden and Denmark have agreed to merge and the logistics of the merger are still being worked through. Posten unlike Australia Post has competitors in the letters market. Bring owned by Norwegian Post makes deals with larger volume letter customers to deliver in certain cities around Sweden and because they take the cream with easy delivery they can offer the cheaper rate, Anything they can’t do goes through Posten. So people in Sweden often get two mail deliveries however Bring mail may only be delivered every third day.

 It is calculated that by January 2013 all countries in Europe will have a deregulated postal system. Since 1994 Posten has halved its workforce to 24,000.

We were approaching lunch so the offer of salmon lunch with a glass of white was too much to pass up so we shared a bit more over lunch.

After lunch I headed back to Kungsangen and played 9 holes at Bro Balsta where  Annika Sorenstam has a wall of fame.


Nearby this course they have Bro hof which is very exclusive and costs about $400 for a round. It is Europe’s third best course. A couple photos to look at,

 The greens on this course can be heated to remove snow.

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1 Response to David’s Vocational visit Wednesday 20th May

  1. Judy McAdam says:

    You playing on every course in Sweden? 🙂 SOunds as if you are havin a great Exchange.

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