May 4th Uppsala

Kirsty at Quintiles

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We met at Quntiles at 9:00am although a couple started their day at another organisation starting with Q but were quick to realise they were at the wrong place and made it on the second attempt.

Quintiles is an international organization that provides clinical drug trials for drug companies looking to independently trial their new drugs. Rotarian Dr Ingela Hallberg,  Magaging Director Quintiles AB Sweden is responsible for drug trial implementation of Phase 1 of the drug trials presented an overview of the company and what it does.

The phase I Unit has two clinics, one based at the hospital in the Uppsala academic hospital, and one at Quintiles office with a bio-analytical lab, a drug safety lab, back-end services such as data management, statistics and medical writing, and a pharmacy production unit. There is regular monitoring of participants blood and urine levels during the trials hence the need for onsite analysis facilities. Volunteers are remunerated according to the length of the testing and many are university students. In total Quintiles in Sweden has 200 employees and the phase I unit around 120 employees.

There are over 22,000 employees in 60 countries have helped develop or commercialize all of the top 30 best-selling drugs and the International  HQ is located in North Carolina with facilities in Sydney.

At lunchtime we attended The Rotary Club of UPPSALA’s strictly hour meeting and gave our presentation for the first time. President William Nisser was very positive wearing an akubra during his presidential address the club was made to feel very welcome. We were introduced by lovely Carin Bergh-Wihed and had 25 minutes only and completed the presentation – we made it. We exhanged banners and president William presented us with a Certikat 20-00373 in the name of Australia GSE – Team to Sweden stating they had contributed funds to vaccinate tjugo (20) children against polio.

The afternoon was free time with tickets available for those who would like to go and enjoy the swimming, sauna and spa facilities at FRYISHOV. Team leader availed himself of this opportunity remainider went shopping.

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